Forester TPC Limited can help with the two types of Certificates of Lawfulness:

~ Those for proposed works or development (CLOPUDS), and

~ Those for existing works or development (CLEUDS).




Certain alterations to your property such as small extensions, conservatories or loft conversions, do not require planning permission.

By applying for a CLOPUD you are seeking formal confirmation that planning permission is not required and that you can undertake the work lawfully.

Obtaining a CLOPUD can protect you when you come to sell your house, for example, as the buyer’s solicitor may request formal confirmation that the work carried out did not require planning permission, even if it was carried out under permitted development rights.




The planning system allows that building works, changes or use or breaches of planning conditions can be lawful after certain time limits have been exceeded and the development is then immune from enforcement action.


Such certificates are, therefore, very valuable in their own right but the onus is on the applicant to provide clear, unambiguous evidence sufficient to pass the legal tests in order for an application to be successful.



Forester TPC Limited are specialists and have a long record of success in the preparation of applications for CLOPUDS and CLEUDS.

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