While undertaking many forms of development without the appropriate permission is not a criminal offence, save works to a Listed Building or the display of advertisements, a Council can take enforcement action against development, which it considers to be unacceptable or needs the attachment of planning conditions to be acceptable.


Taking planning advice before starting work is always advisable but it is, unfortunately, too easy to fall foul of the legislation or its interpretation.


Enforcement planning is our speciality and we have 30 years' experience dealing with the issue of Enforcement and other Notices and the processes that precede and follow their issue.


If you have been contacted by an enforcement officer about works or a change of use you have undertaken, or if you have received a Planning Contravention Notice (often something, which is a precursor to action) or an Enforcement Notice then do contact me as we may well be able to help.


The earlier in the process that you seek advice, the more time you have to try to resolve matters without having to make an appeal against the issue of an Enforcement Notice. Often, these have to be dealt with by way of a formal Inquiry process, which can prove to be an expensive ordeal, which is best avoided.


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