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The purpose of any survey is to provide sufficient information for the client to undertake their projects and the level of detail to be collected depends on the complexity of the proposals.


While a survey costs money, experience shows that to skimp detail at the early stages often incurs further costs in either checking detail or collecting further information later in the project.


Companies or individuals involved in site development and design you will be well aware of the need for a cost effective, accurate measured survey to provide the detail you need to design, build and manage your projects.


We have experience and expertise in all aspects of geomatics and measured survey using the latest field survey equipment and offer a comprehensive range of professional services, whatever the size of your project, at very competitive rates, to assist you in the successful progression of your projects.


These include topographic, measured building, drainage and underground services investigation surveys and you can see some of our work here.


We will provide:


Surveys to any specification you require which will be agreed at the quotation stage and tailored to your needs.


Very competitive rates and excellent value for money.


Comprehensive, accurate data collection


Digital, easy to read, well presented drawings in AutoCAD format, including 3D, with universal CAD layering.


We pride ourselves on providing excellent quality and service.



If you would like more information about our services or if you would like us to assist with your project then please contact us as we would be very happy to help.


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