Assisting objectors and residents' groups

As a Chartered Town Planner of many years' experience, I am an advocate of good design and development, which is appropriate for a site and area and that, which complies with planning policy and guidance.


I have long provided advice and assistance to both those who propose development and those who oppose inappropriate development and work with other similarly minded professionals to achieve these aims.


I can either work with you as an individual or with local or residents' groups to provide advice on how you can provide the evidence necessary to show clearly  how aspects of a development are likely to be unacceptable in terms of their visual impact, effect on the character of a neighbourhood, possible noise and disturbance, overlooking or the loss of privacy so you can prepare individual objections, which are far more effective than petitions or duplicate letters.


I can also help you prepare to speak at a meeting of a Planning or Development Control Committee or I can act for you in this regard.


If you are an individual or a local or neighbourhood who is worried about a development proposed for your area then please contact  me, as I will be happy to help.